Grainy Fedora Bar photograph by Deborah Liljegren
"Fedora Bar" by Deborah Liljegren

Fedora Bar

$ 375.00

The Fedora, a West Village institution, sadly couldn't weather the never-ending storm that is the coronavirus pandemic. When they shut their doors permanently, it was like a heart slowly beating its last beats.

  • Limited Edition of 21
  • Titled, dated, and signed on the front.
  • Image is 10" x 13"
  • Photographic print measures 13" x 19"

About the Series: When the first lockdown went into place in New York City, I obeyed the rules and resisted the urge to take advantage of the newly-vacated streets. As time went on, the city's landscape - literally, architecturally, spiritually - kept changing even as many of us hunkered down. When restrictions lifted and I started walking around, the physical changes that were most glaring were those that were silent - homes vacated by neighbors who fled the city, shops that locked their doors and emptied their shelves, restaurants that shuttered for good...these once-thriving places have become merely spaces.